Sending SMS and Email Messages


Brad and I thought about how useful it would be to be able to SMS ourselves from our Unix servers (or other systems), in the event of..well..erm, some event we wished to be informed of. Somebody trying to hack into the system, for example.

I thought of my own email alerter system for the DHCP service and decided it would be a good guinea pig for trying this SMS thing out.

Message from Unix
How then to get my Unix box to email out that SMS message. Well, I spent a week looking at various PERL scripts and my colleague Mike Capstick and I had a play with some possibilities, but we couldn't get the emails to be acceptable for transmission. Specifically the recipient email server checks the domain of the originating message to make sure it's real. I was emailing from a Unix box on IT.NET and the world's Mail Servers don't know about this little place we call paradise.