System Messages | VLC Keyboard Shortcuts | Posted 03.05.2011 by AndyM

VLC Keyboard Shortcuts

One of the finest open source media players is VLC - it's free, skinnable, can play most media files and can be controlled using just the keyboard, which is really handy for quick tweaks. Here are the most common keyboard shortcuts for VLC..


F or F11Full Screen (toggle)
Ctrl+Up/Ctrl+DownVolume up/down
+ / - / =Play Faster/Slower/Normal
Ctrl QQuit
Shft+Left/Shft+RightJump very short (3 seconds)
Alt+Left/Alt+RightJump short (10 seconds)
Ctrl+Left/Ctrl+RightJump medium (1 minute)
Ctrl+Alt+Left/Ctrl+Alt+RightJump long (5 minutes)
Ctrl+Alt+S Video Snapshot
PPlay (from beginning)
AAspect ratio (16:10; 16:9, 1:1, 221:100, 4:3, 5:4, default)
CCrop screen (same ratios)
ZZoom mode
Ctrl PPreferences
Ctrl HHide controls (toggle)
Ctrl EEqualiser settings, etc.
Ctrl IInformation
JAudio delay (-50ms every press)
KAudio advance (+50ms every press)
IInterface show/hide

- Andy